House Concerts – A great way to have entertainment at home

House Concerts

House concerts are a fabulous way to experience music and get close up to the performance. Like a lot of things, they started off in the United State but are becoming more popular here in the U.K.

What is a House Concert

As suggested by the name, it’s usually a music event in someone’s home. Even outdoors in the garden if the weather is good and the neighbours are on board. Your guests should be gathered by invitation only. Suggested that they might like to contribute to the cost of booking an act. It’s a good idea if they bring their own booze and a small amount of food as a contribution to a buffet.

Not for profit

A House Party is a ‘Not for Profit’ event. The money donated at the event usually goes to the performers, sometimes the hosts might use a small amount to buy food and nibbles. If we are lucky, it’s nice to be invited to enjoy the buffet too..

The reason that it’s ‘Not For Profit’ and works on donations for the entertainment is fairly simple.

If a host sells tickets in advance and charges guests for the experience, it’s now an ‘Concert Venue’. There are all sorts of complications such as Public Liability Insurance, Parking problems, Health and Safety Audits and even drinks licences.

A lot of hosts use Social Media to organise a House Party and to send invitations to friends who might like to come along for the fun. Depending on the size of the room available, audiences are usually twenty to thirty friends. This sort of event usually guarantees a fairly intimate gathering with exclusive contact with performers.
We usually suggest the guest make a donation of a minium of £5 each and more if they want to.

House Party Performances

House Concerts Time Walkers PA SystemOur performance is tailored to suit the occasion. Most performers either sing and play accoustically or use a bare minimum amout of gear. Plus we don’t need a lot of space for the gear. A standard power socket will be needed of course.

We use our small P.A. and mics plus backing tracks and a selection of acoustic and electric instruments. We will keep the volume to an acceptable level so we don’t annoy the neighbours ( why not invite them ).


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